Our Vision

To be an institutional ambassador of Brigade Meadows Kannadigas striking a chord between culture and society, to protect the rights and to promote welfare of BM Kannadigas. 


Smita, Resident
Software Engineer

Thank you for taking all the extra effort to make sure that everybody would come together, celebrate together and enjoy each and every events together. The way you all have come forward as a team and demonstrated a lot of initiative starting from organizing various cultural programs, sports events to several awareness drives is really commendable. Last but not the least, during the tough time of pandemic also you have managed to organize the events remotely in a very disciplined and nice manner. 

Kannadigara Balaga in Brigade Meadows has been doing a great work in improving the campus facilities & maintaining a friendly atmosphere with residents. We are proud to be a part the Balaga in Brigade Meadows.

Srikanth Deshmukh, Resident
IT Professional

Rashmi, Resident

In past few years Kannadigara Balaga has done really appreciable job like running a polio booth and to help all residents of Brigade during this pandemic.
Every year we all are enjoying all the festivals because of this supportive team. We all are lucky to have such a good team in brigade who runs different cultural programs in society which brings togetherness in the society.


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BM Kannadigara Balaga (R) has initiated to create and maintain the database of BM Kannadigas (Resident and non-resident). Therefore, the details have been asked for. Pls take your time to fill the required information. Be assured that the information thus obtained will solely be used for Balaga's activities.