Vision Statement

To be an institutional ambassador of Brigade Meadows Kannadigas, striking a chord between culture and society, to protect the rights and to promote welfare of BM Kannadigas. 


Mission statement

To be an institute which

  • Promotes and develops the Heritage of Kannada among young generation residing in BM.

  • Ensures securing a fair place for Kannada language in BM management.

  • Promotes harmony among other communities residing in BM without compromising on the interest of Kannada language and Kannadigas.



1. Protecting the Rights of BM Kannadigas.

    - Right to speak Kannada inside BM campus.

    - Right to celebrate Kannada Rajyotsava (Flag hoisting and cultural programs)

    - Right to conduct events and activities related to Kannada

    - Ensuring fair representation of Kannada language in BM Management

2. Strengthening Balaga by adding more members.

3. Encouraging the use of Kannada language in BM premises.

    - Ensuring an extensive and appropriate information about Kannada and Karnataka is available to children, thereby inciting an extra interest among them about the land and language.

    - Encouraging the reading habits among children.

4. Encouraging non-Kannadigas to learn Kannada and providing them with knowledge about Kannada and Karnataka.

5. Organizing various welfare programs for the residents. Ex – Blood Donation Camp, Eye Check-up Camp, Employment Information Bureau, Education related Camp, Events on Health and Hygiene, etc.

6. Responding positively for the problems of resident Kannadigas. Ex – Providing necessary information on House tax, acting as a liaison between resident Kannadigas and Association, etc.

7. Preparing database of BM Kannadigas.

8. Working towards building leadership of Balaga and managing transition.

9. Regular maintenance of accounts related to all activities and promoting transparency.

10. Appraising the concerned authority about any visible issues, wrong practices and untoward incidents in the vicinity of BM; working towards the welfare of women and children.

11. Working towards a continuous improvement of Balaga’s framework, objectives and activities through an end-to-end involvement of stakeholders.

12. Promoting sports among BM residents.